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Welcome to A1webtech WEB Design, Nowadays almost anyone can set up a basic website. Planning and attract relevant traffic but also looks great, but it’s just a site design considerable time, effort and skill it takes. To Create a premium business profile, you can share online for free! One stop #Web #Solution to all your www needs #desing and #development by website design company in India.

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We are A1webtech- Digital firm for web solutions service provider (Information Technology) IT company in India. We are receptional, Certified digital marketing agency by Market Motive and OMCP.

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Every business people to increase its visibility and its products and services to the attention of wants to produce. Website design doing business on the Internet, so that is why it is extremely important. You have to buy traffic to your site design and attract audience no matter what your business or products except how unique, they will be no good.

Fist you know the, What is #website?
Answer is

a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages.

Second you know the, Why #website designig #necessary?
Answer is

  • 80% of people search for local businesses online.
  • Up-to-date portfolio/resume/business/service.
  • Your website design works 24/7 for you.
  • It’s the cheapest office space you’ll every have.

A1 Web Tech has years of experience in developing and promoting websites. We build your web and keep costs to a minimum, which will be a good test process. We create and modify websites to attract customers to your business that specializes in personal web consulting firm. Dominate your competitors might be attractive to your website design and must rank atop Google. Our website design services to help you set up your website design the right way and can avoid costly mistakes.

Third you know the, Types of #Websites?
Answer is

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • CMS Website
  • ECommerce Website
  • UI Website design- User Interface
  • Mobile Website

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Also, A1WEBTech consulting services, custom and layout as well as the back-end website design and development, including scripting and programming an established track record, it is offered. A1WEBTech you get your Internet presence to ensure optimum quality website design that emphasizes customer service and customer support.

Fourth you know the, What are the Various Types of Websites?
Answer is

  • Personal Websites
  • Writers / Authors Websites
  • Community Building Websites
  • Mobile Device Websites
  • Photo Sharing Websites
  • Blogs
  • Informational Websites
  • Online Business Brochure/Catalog
  • Directory Websites
  • E-commerce Websites

Personal Websites
You may include some family photos online diary and create your own website designfor your Internet service provider or domain registrar, you can get free server space. usually find something to this web address (URL) will be. This type of site designto stay in touch with each other, a family, teenagers, grandparents, etc. are useful. Search engine friendly URL, and limited server capabilities to offer your small business website design hosting company may not be sophisticated enough because this type is not advisable for small business.

Writers / Authors Websites
Writer and author websites publishing business writer or writers are a part of what is known as a platform. The platform of a website, a Facebook presence, blog, a Twitter account, and old-fashioned mailing list. Many publishers about their platforms will ask a potential client. In other words, “we publish your book if you already have a reader what kind of support we can count on the purchase of your new release?,” Request a fairly weighty, would not you say? Now, let us focus on the part of the website. Biographies of the authors website,, author of the blog on the author’s publications, reviews and comments on sites like a link to the published books and publications work, maybe some of the works of excerpts, including a list of links. You get the idea, and that future publications can be marketed directly a backdrop, build a fan base.

Community Building Websites
Social websites, forums, websites and sharing websites. These websites socially interact with other people or want to meet people who share their interests, which people build online communities. This type is a well-known website design probably there too, and let’s not forget to mention only a few of the old To share and discuss mutual interests, you can get practically any subject online forum. The forum websites can be a great source of information and can help the small business person. (I am sure there are forums dedicated to your type of business. Just do a web search for something like real estate, web forums.) We “hybrid” idea of ​​starting to get into sites where now you can see this. Sharing sites, photo sharing and blogging sites as in other forms, can be considered as sites of community building. Dating sites are considered sites of community building, or they may have e-commerce sites. All that is up for discussion.

Mobile Device Websites
Mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, watches, etc.) use has become ubiquitous. Sometines standard websites are difficult to see a problem and with their small screens and wireless connections on some of the devices may take a long time to download. Whose pages are narrower width and mobile devices may work better for low bandwidth websites. A new domain ation “mobile-friendly” websites that have been created to identify. I had such a site, the, as is Moby. If you are a small business that would benefit from being viewed on a mobile device, you should consider investigating the possibilities to create a mobile-friendly site.

Photo Sharing Websites
Website design of this type have cropped up like fleas on a dog.,, and Google’s Picasa, such web sites. Easily paid money to advertise online that offer free photo-sharing sites, such as over a hundred can be. Also, many digital cameras and photo printers now create digital photo slide shows and upload them to the web enabled software comes with mere mortals. Most smart phones have apps to accomplish the same end.

People took the words web log and, if you will, blogs, online diaries, journals, or editorials short. My how blogs have taken on the Internet. He / she is now having a blog is de rigeur, using a website designif a person is old. The owner of the blog, daily, weekly, log on, or when, and write about what is happening in their life or business, or they can comment on politics and the news will be. How beautiful is the Internet! How important small business person is blogging?

Informational Websites
The main informational site, an online encyclopedia. It allows members to contribute and edit articles, because it is unique. Now your small business can not have such a massive site, but if you share or sell information, an informational website design could fill the bill. Suppose you have a landscaping business. Their definitions and lists of plants, with planting and care instructions that can create a website. This will be helpful for people, and you will use it to lead people to your nursery. Of course you can have an e-commerce feature, a forum, or even a photo-sharing by adding a “hybrid” of the site.

Online Business Brochure/Catalog
In the days before the Internet, to spread the word about our businesses in print, radio and television media are used. Now we can cast a big net on just one website design in the world with literally millions of people are reaching al. With your online brochure or catalog, you are looking for and your website, photos and descriptions of your products or services can show anyone who finds. For some this may sound like an e-commerce website, but the Web seems a hair stylist, dentist, or a day care center is not sellable products or services that are transacted in many industries.

Directory Websites
We find services and businesses used to use the yellow pages phone books printed today, as we are website design directories. Yellow Pages is a Directories can be dedicated to a specific topic or industry, or they can encompass geographical areas. Such as and search engines, directories can be considered, but alphabetically rather than search their databases, so are larger, because one enters a search term in the Search field.

E-commerce Websites
Ever hear of It is one of all e-commerce websites. But you do not have an Amazon to sell your products. On the Internet to sell their products using their e-commerce websites are millions of small businesses. Just about anything can be sold in a brick and mortar store that sold online can be a much less overhead! An e-commerce website design is right for you?

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A1webtech- a website design and Web development Company dedicated to provide web based solution to all type of businesses and support through four outstanding companies with special expertise (India).
The formula for the success of your project offers you the unique value that will differentiate your company from your competition by promoting. Your site design looks similar to other, you stand out and have less chance to make your business shine. That is, you do not have website design and presentation have to give enough importance is what happens. Addiction media, we have the best possible way to present your company profile to each client gives specific attention.

A few essential feature of a good website design:

  • Ingredients: Fresh and unique content for a website design is the most important prerequisite.
  • Navigation: Navigation ease a customer makes a long stick and browse.: always soothing color patterns, fonts and s to choose from. Glitzy ed a big curve ball low and is distractive.
  • Bonus: You want to leave your users before they view your website design if you do not create quick-to-load website.
  • Functionality: Make sure that your site designing fully functional.
  • Customization: What other features copy one wants to see the other side? Long lasting impression on your audience are always customized to add that personal touch.

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